Beautify Your Room With A New Carpet Installation

A bare floor has a way of making a home look drub or naked, with all manner of imperfections out in the glare for all and sundry to see.

The transformative nature of a carpeted floor on the interior of a property is nothing short of amazing. Whether that property is on the market for sale or it’s your own residence, there is no question as to the aesthetic value that a carpeted floor immediately adds to an interior space.

A carpet on the floor is just not another pretty face, but has practical benefits such as improving sound control, providing insulation, and makes for a really comfy surface to walk on.

On top of that, a new installation of wall to wall carpets is a versatile way to bring in your favourite colours, whether plain or patterned, into an establishment to accentuate other features and themes of your commercial or residential property.

To bring out all the above-mentioned benefits, it is imperative to hire a competent new carpet installation professional who will get the job right the first time round.

Do You Need To Hire A Professional To Do Your New Carpet Installation?

Although there are some of you who prefer to do a new carpet installation yourself, it is probably better to have a professional do it for you. For the simple reason that carpets don’t come cheap and you would not want to botch the job and then end up hiring a professional to get it done right.

The Process Of A New Carpet Installation

Installing a new carpet may appear as a fairly easy task at first glance until you realize how involving it actually is.

A professional carpet installer will be very methodical and systematic in their approach. They will first advice on the carpet dimensions to buy based on the floor area that you need to be carpeted.

This is an important step and can’t be overlooked as it ensures you get the correct length and widths which can minimize unnecessary seams and affect the overall look of the carpet once the job has been finished.

The crew working at your house will then sweep and clean the subfloor thoroughly and then proceed to remove the doors. This makes the installation process easier as you don’t have to work around the door.

The crew will then install tackless strips followed by laying out the carpet pad and stapling it in place perpendicular to the direction in which the carpet is going to be installed. The carpet pad will then be trimmed accordingly.

The actual carpet is then trimmed to the correct dimensions and then rolled out on top of the pad as the seams are glued together using a seaming iron and adhesive.

Working the carpet around edges can prove to be a challenge, but a professional will know how to go about it using a carpet knife.

To make sure the carpet is stretched out evenly and there are no bulges, the crew will use a power stretcher to achieve this.

For corners and alcoves where it is difficult for the power stretcher to reach, the use of a knee kicker and stair tool comes in handy.

Final touches and trims are then done to make sure the finishing looks great.

This is just but a highlight of a new carpet installation. Hiring a professional will have you smiling with glee at how amazing your home looks when the job is done. Basically, installing a new carpet and having it professionally done is well worth the investment.

An artificial lawn – great garden design and eco-friendly too

artificial-lawns-and-dogsI love digging into exterior design (pardon the pun!), and when a client asked me to help her design the perfect outdoor space that was kid and labrador friendly, I wasn’t sure if I could help.

However we did some research and made a few calls, and it soon became apparent that her new back yard, with its new decking, summer kitchen, and tiki bar should also include artificial grass.

I knew nothing about artificial, or synthetic grass, but I now consider myself almost an expert, and I am so impressed by the new standard of artificial lawn that is available that I will be installing it for myself later this year. Do you know that they even have artificial dead grass mixed in. It’s amazing, and it’s one of the things that helps it to look so real. Its maintenance free, pet friendly, eco friendly, and always looks great. Read on for my take on the new look in garden design.

If you finally take the eco-friendly step of having a new artificial lawn, the next important thing you ought to keep in mind is how to care for the turf. To begin with, try getting a complete maintenance log from the artificial turf supplier. If they don’t have it, it’s best to get your own as it will definitely help you in so many ways.

It’s basically a working document where you note down each and every maintenance procedure that you do. It also spells out how you should take care of your artificial turf.

Nonetheless, there are still a few simple steps you can take to maintain your artificial lawn. By simply following them, you can be rest assured that your artificial lawn will look fantastic all the time.

Removal of debris

Small amounts of debris such as leaves, twigs, and dirt clods can affect your artificial lawn. In taking care of this, take caution not to use a metal prolonged rake to remove the debris as it can rip or tear the material into ugly patches. Use a carpet rake instead. Or a thin/fine brush. By gently running them over the spot, you will able to get rid of the debris effectively. You can as well use a leaf blower.

It’s ideal in removing accumulated detritus plus fluffing up trampled grass. If you combine all these tools, you will be able to completely get rid of any foreign objects from the lawn. You can do this monthly or as you desire so long as it’s frequent.

Brushing the newly installed lawn

The sand infills will gradually settle down during the first 2-3 months after installation of the new artificial lawn. It’s always recommended that you do a bit of light brushing, preferably once a month, during this period. This will help your lawn to quickly reach optimum conditions. Ensure you use a brush bearing soft bristles.

Use of fabric softeners

Fabric softeners, when sprayed across the artificial lawn, will decrease static and assist in keeping the individual fibers looking spongy, supple and soft. There are a variety of cleaners and degreasers manufactured specifically for this purpose. Be careful to always check before purchasing one so as to avoid buying something that will damage the artificial grass.

Pet wasteSkagerak_Arena_turf

You can always use a special cleaning detergent to get rid of any odors, from pet feces to pet urine that may have been deposited on the grass. However, as for the solid pet waste, ensure you do it by hand as opposed to using a power washer or hose.

This is because if you shoot high powered jets at the solid waste, it will split and scatter all over the place and get lost in between the blades of grass.

Protecting the lawn

If there are any activities going around such as painting, ensure your artificial lawn is covered so as to avoid anything spilling on it. Also, put signage at the lawn which clearly shows the guidelines in terms of usage. This may include what may or may not be brought into the lawn, for instance, chewing gums, candies, sharp objects, tobacco products or glass containers.

Watering the artificial glass often will also guarantee the thorough removal of any microscopic amounts of dust or any other form of dirt that may have gathered. Many artificial lawn suppliers encourage the use of power washer or a water hose for the job. Watering also helps to protect the structural stability of the infill layer.

In summary, as an artificial lawn owner, this is how you are expected to take care of your new artificial lawn. A well-maintained artificial lawn is sure to last so many years and also offer you so many benefits. I am blown away by how natural this now looks. Not a bright green expanse as I expected, but the perfect year round lawn. It comes highly recommended.

The video below explains how an artificial turf lawn is easy to install and maintain, and how eco friendly it is too!

Eco-Friendly Artificial Lawns por gardammark

Eco Friendly Interior Design Is So Important

eco friendly deskAs I get older I find myself becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact of all of the work that I do. While doing some research I came across the video below and thought that it was worth sharing.

We should all shoulder the responsibility of helping to save the planet. Already we can see in the UK that the climate change predictions are starting to come true, as we are experiencing the warmer winters and wetter summers that were promised. I find it all a bit scary.

So for my part I will try to always have a green agenda at heart when working my interior and of course exterior design projects.

If you would like to comment please contact me from the contact form on this website, I would love to hear your views.

Ideas on How To Upgrade Your Kitchen with Replacement Kitchen Doors

Replacement-Kitchen-CabinetsThere are times when the kitchen at your home may look somehow old, and could be in dire need of a makeover. However, you might not be prepared to change its entire layout and look and could be looking at some ideas on how to upgrade your kitchen with replacement kitchen doors. This is often a great way of modernizing the kitchen or making it look new without carrying out any extensive renovation works. Below are some of the simple ideas you can consider in order to refresh the way your kitchen looks.

Customized Kitchen Doors
As long as you are okay with your current kitchen layout as well as the cabinetry inside, you can think of ways to customize the kitchen doors and drawer fronts to refresh the way your kitchen looks. You will be able to find so many customized door sizes, drawer and panel fronts that are ready made to serve this purpose. These customized doors will ensure that your house kitchen gets the kind of facelift it ought to have. There are so many custom made designs and shapes of kitchen doors that can be used to achieve this purpose well. There are online companies and local kitchen makeover companies that can help you with your renovation.

Altering the Door profiles and Color Ranges
There are various companies that manufacture ready-to-install kitchen doors that come in various profiles and color ranges. A home owner would only need to identify the new kitchen door profile they wish to have in their homes from the showrooms of such companies. These companies always go a step further by ensuring that they produce samples of all the colors, profiles and finishes of the replacement kitchen doors on offer.

If you need to have a closer look and feel of the product before buying, the high street showrooms are probably your best bet, however many local kitchen businesses will also come to your home and bring samples, and of course most will also offer a free survey and quote too.

What you ought to do before undertaking this project
Decide if you are happy with the general layout of your kitchen. You can always add cupboards etc if required, but if your sink is in the right place, the electrics and plumbing are situated where you want them to be, then just a facelift is probably all that you need.

You can also look at replacing the worktops, adding some subtle lighting, new appliances, better storage options and maybe a waste disposal. It is surprising how much difference you can make to your kitchen with just a door and drawer replacement. Also, the cost is less than half of a full replacement, and the work is generally done in 2 days.

So before you spend the equivalent of a new family car on buying a new kitchen, take a look at some of the less expensive options, keep your cabinets and try using replacement kitchen doors, and with the money you save buy new upgraded appliances. Just a thought, but it worked well for us, and I recommend it to you too.

The video below gives you some ideas of how you can consider doing this yourself, if you feel that is just a step too far, try calling some of your local businesses that offer the service.


Could You Be An Interior Designer?

interior-designer-definitionOne of my friends daughters told me the other day that she would like to become an interior designer. She is just at the leaving school age, is very into art, fashion and photography, and has an interest in design. She sounds like an ideal student for the job.

Its been a while since I started on my career path, so my best advice was to “google it”!

I have posted a video below for anyone else that is interested in a career in design, but a quick summary of the path to follow I think would be:

Decide if you have an interest in design, decorating and room organisation. Do you have an eye or flair for design? If so then you may want to look into a career as a designer.

There are many courses available to help you on your way, and these give you credibility when speaking with prospective customers. You should investigate these first.

Practise in your own home, and at the houses of friends and relatives. Watch videos and read books on the subject, and develop your own style. Offer to work with a designer or decorator for free to get experience.

Build your own portfolio with pictures and samples of projects that you have been involved with, keep these in a hard copy and also an online copy to send to prospects. Use social media, this is an excellent way to promote yourself in this industry.

Get a job in a related industry, and keep getting experience. You can also work on your own projects at nights and weekends, until you get to the point where you are getting business from word of mouth, networking and marketing that you can work in your own business full time.

It is worth the effort to have a rewarding and enjoyable career. I would certainly recommend it. Good luck and enjoy the video.

Tips To Help You Go Green

After writing the last post about using eco friendly fuels, I found this info graphic. It has good information about the easy steps that we can all take to move to a greener lifestyle.

We all know that using the car less and growing our own foods is an obvious choice, but things like eating less meat and using LED lightbulbs are less obvious and well worth pointing out.

Check out the graphic below, and if you have any further suggestions please send them to us here at Quantum, you will find a contact form on the website.


The Best Recommended Fuel For Multi – Fuel Stoves

peat_briquette_419Do you have a multi-fuel stove? If your answer is yes, then you have two options of heating your home, you can either use coal or wood. Are you asking yourself which is the best option?

Well, you are probably wondering which fuel will work effectively. The truth of the matter is you can’t use both wood and coal together or they will spoil the stove lining.

If you really want quality warmth in your home, then you need to always use the best fuel. There are varieties of fuels to choose from.

Take a look at some of the best smokeless fuels.

Smokeless fuels are environment-friendly in that they don’t pollute the environment. It is recommended that you use fuels that are smokeless to avoid health complications that are caused by smoke. Using fuels that don’t produce smoke will enable your stove to last longer. If you want to use coal, just use the one that is smokeless and it will definitely work effectively when heating your home.

Most local authorities these days insist on the use of smokeless fuels, which helps to reduce smog and harmful particles in the environment, as these are known to build up in the lungs and cause health problems.

The best smokeless fuel is premium stove fuel. It has a long burn time, it is very easy to use and has high heat. This type of fuel is packed in bags of both 50 and 20 kilograms. So you can buy any amount at your own convenience. Below are other types of smokeless fuel you can use in your home:

a) Peat Briquettes
This is another recommended fuel for your stove. It really burns efficiently to provide warmth for your home. Peat Briquettes are also a smokeless fuel and has been used for decades. They also have a long burning time, which gives your home heat for hours. This type of fuel is best for your stove. It burns efficiently, is a green option, and readily available.

b) Loose Briquettes
This is another type of smokeless fuel to use in your home. If you really want quality fuel, then this is also one of the best. Some of its features are that it is suitable for stoves, it is quick to light, it is very easy to use and it burns much hotter than wood, and with less mess to clean afterwards.peat-briquette-fire

c) Peat Nuggets
If you want an alternative to coal, then you can choose this smokeless fuel. It is well packed in bags of 40 or 50kilograms. It is also a smokeless fuel that is very easy to use and quick to light. You can use it in your home as it has consistent quality and produces the warm flame. It has an amazing feature whereby it burns hotter than firewood.

As mentioned earlier, smokeless fuels are the best and most recommended type of fuel. Now that you have the information at hand, you can choose the best fuel for your multi- fuel stove. It is very important to note that multi fuel stoves are designed to use coal.

Gone are the days where wood was used and, therefore, it is intelligent to smokeless coal. It is worth noting that the use of normal house coal for your stove can damage your stove very quickly. This is not recommended but the aforementioned smokeless fuel will greatly help you.

Never be tempted to use a fuel that is not recommended by your manufacturer. As you can see there are several options, so you are not just limited to one fuel type, but if you try using a non recommended fuel then you could be looking at an expensive repair going forward. Just a word to the wise.

If you are unsure as to what fuel your multi fuel burner is able to use, a call to your local HETAS installer will get you all the information you need. Our house already had a multi-fuel system in place when we moved in. Not knowing the type of fuel we were able to use, I called our local multi-fuel installer and he inspected our system and gave us all the information we needed to get up and running the same day.

If you have a multi fuel stove, and have an tips on operation or whole house heating for example, please contact us and let us know. And just to give you that warm feeling inside, check out the video below of a nice fire burning peat logs.

Types of Eco-friendly Insulation and Their Benefits

download (1)If you are looking to insulating your home, it is always advisable to look for eco-friendly home insulation materials. You really care about your surroundings and the lives of your loved ones, so using green home insulation materials is the way to go.

Insulation helps your home maintain moderate temperatures. It also helps reduce your heating and cooling bills. In fact, it is the most crucial thing you can do to your home so as to save on energy bills.

Why Should You Go Green?

The market is full of home insulation materials, but not all are advisable to use. Remember it is your home where you, your children and pets live. So, if you happen to choose insulation materials that have a negative impact on the environment the place will not be conducive at all. It is, therefore advisable to choose eco-friendly home insulation materials.

If for instance you have a new house, consider adding as much insulation as possible into the walls. For an existing home, the addition of insulation to finished walls can be somehow difficult. But in either case, consider choosing insulation that is best for you and your loved ones. If the insulation is thick, then your home will be more energy efficient. If there are many spaces in the walls, you have to add a lot of insulation that will properly fit inside. It is also advisable to insulate the roof so as to reduce the amount of heat that escapes via the roof to the cold outside.

You will see from the list below that there are several recommended types of recommended green insulation, and some are easier for the novice to install than others. Some require a professional company with dedicated equipment, for the less confident home owner, some of the other materials are best installed by a local builder or handyman service, and the rest can easily be installed by the average DIY home owner.

Check out this news report to see an entrepreneurial company making green insulation from an unexpected source:

There are 5 common types of eco-friendly home insulation and these are outlined below:

1. Blanket or Batt Insulation

This one comes in the form of bats or rolls. In most cases they have fiberglass, but you can also find batts that are made from natural fibers, such as cotton and wool. Common cotton insulation is made from used blue jeans, which makes it blue in color but green in execution.

2. Loose-fill Cellulose

This is made from recycled newsprint, which is treated with natural chemicals in order to make resistant to fire. Note that cellulose is free from formaldehyde and is one of the best eco-friendly home insulators.

3. Spray-in Foamsdownload

These are usually made from natural soy. They are healthier and offer a myriad of benefits. Conventional spray foam has no formaldehyde or any other environmental hazards.

4. Aerogel

Nowadays, arerogel is obtained by removing the liquid from silica under high temperature and pressure. The material left is very light and almost 90 percent of it is air. Due to its molecular structure, it makes it hard for heat to pass through. As an insulation material, aerogel comes in sheets that can easily be tacked onto the studs in a wall. Although this type is somehow expensive, it offers the best green insulation.

5. Rigid Polystyrene

This is a wonderful home insulator. It is considered green because it helps save a lot of energy. Polystyrene insulation comes in rigid foam boards, which make it very easy to insulate any part of building, right from foundation to the roof.