About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. I hope you find it useful. It is mainly going to be an outlet for my less than perfect writing habit.

I have been employed in and around the theatre scene for many years, mainly in design, but occasionally as an actor. The artistic side of me really enjoys interior design, especially soft furnishings and some painting too.

The image below isn’t me, it looks how I used to look, and a little like Paul Newman, so I thought it an interesting photograph to include.


I have all but retired from the theatre scene, the touring and constant change is a drain, so I keep myself busy by doing the odd freelane interior design job, and by trying to whip into shape the 1920’s house that my partner and I recently bought.

It is a work in progress, some of which I am able to do myself, and the rest I get the help of any local trades person that has the ability to put up with my extremely particular standards.

Anyway, this is a diary of my experience, as and when I get the time to record it. I hope you find it useful, interesting, humorous, or hopefull even inspiring. Please let me know either way, using the contact form here, and maybe we can share experiences.

Todd Spires.

PS. This video will help you to understand just what an interior designer does, assuming of course that you don’t already know!