Beautify Your Room With A New Carpet Installation

A bare floor has a way of making a home look drub or naked, with all manner of imperfections out in the glare for all and sundry to see.

The transformative nature of a carpeted floor on the interior of a property is nothing short of amazing. Whether that property is on the market for sale or it’s your own residence, there is no question as to the aesthetic value that a carpeted floor immediately adds to an interior space.

A carpet on the floor is just not another pretty face, but has practical benefits such as improving sound control, providing insulation, and makes for a really comfy surface to walk on.

On top of that, a new installation of wall to wall carpets is a versatile way to bring in your favourite colours, whether plain or patterned, into an establishment to accentuate other features and themes of your commercial or residential property.

To bring out all the above-mentioned benefits, it is imperative to hire a competent new carpet installation professional who will get the job right the first time round.

Do You Need To Hire A Professional To Do Your New Carpet Installation?

Although there are some of you who prefer to do a new carpet installation yourself, it is probably better to have a professional do it for you. For the simple reason that carpets don’t come cheap and you would not want to botch the job and then end up hiring a professional to get it done right.

The Process Of A New Carpet Installation

Installing a new carpet may appear as a fairly easy task at first glance until you realize how involving it actually is.

A professional carpet installer will be very methodical and systematic in their approach. They will first advice on the carpet dimensions to buy based on the floor area that you need to be carpeted.

This is an important step and can’t be overlooked as it ensures you get the correct length and widths which can minimize unnecessary seams and affect the overall look of the carpet once the job has been finished.

The crew working at your house will then sweep and clean the subfloor thoroughly and then proceed to remove the doors. This makes the installation process easier as you don’t have to work around the door.

The crew will then install tackless strips followed by laying out the carpet pad and stapling it in place perpendicular to the direction in which the carpet is going to be installed. The carpet pad will then be trimmed accordingly.

The actual carpet is then trimmed to the correct dimensions and then rolled out on top of the pad as the seams are glued together using a seaming iron and adhesive.

Working the carpet around edges can prove to be a challenge, but a professional will know how to go about it using a carpet knife.

To make sure the carpet is stretched out evenly and there are no bulges, the crew will use a power stretcher to achieve this.

For corners and alcoves where it is difficult for the power stretcher to reach, the use of a knee kicker and stair tool comes in handy.

Final touches and trims are then done to make sure the finishing looks great.

This is just but a highlight of a new carpet installation. Hiring a professional will have you smiling with glee at how amazing your home looks when the job is done. Basically, installing a new carpet and having it professionally done is well worth the investment.

Could You Be An Interior Designer?

interior-designer-definitionOne of my friends daughters told me the other day that she would like to become an interior designer. She is just at the leaving school age, is very into art, fashion and photography, and has an interest in design. She sounds like an ideal student for the job.

Its been a while since I started on my career path, so my best advice was to “google it”!

I have posted a video below for anyone else that is interested in a career in design, but a quick summary of the path to follow I think would be:

Decide if you have an interest in design, decorating and room organisation. Do you have an eye or flair for design? If so then you may want to look into a career as a designer.

There are many courses available to help you on your way, and these give you credibility when speaking with prospective customers. You should investigate these first.

Practise in your own home, and at the houses of friends and relatives. Watch videos and read books on the subject, and develop your own style. Offer to work with a designer or decorator for free to get experience.

Build your own portfolio with pictures and samples of projects that you have been involved with, keep these in a hard copy and also an online copy to send to prospects. Use social media, this is an excellent way to promote yourself in this industry.

Get a job in a related industry, and keep getting experience. You can also work on your own projects at nights and weekends, until you get to the point where you are getting business from word of mouth, networking and marketing that you can work in your own business full time.

It is worth the effort to have a rewarding and enjoyable career. I would certainly recommend it. Good luck and enjoy the video.

Tips To Help You Go Green

After writing the last post about using eco friendly fuels, I found this info graphic. It has good information about the easy steps that we can all take to move to a greener lifestyle.

We all know that using the car less and growing our own foods is an obvious choice, but things like eating less meat and using LED lightbulbs are less obvious and well worth pointing out.

Check out the graphic below, and if you have any further suggestions please send them to us here at Quantum, you will find a contact form on the website.


Interior Design For Your Home

Luxury-Molecules-Lighting-Design-for-Home-Interior-Lighting-by-Aqua-Creations-Floor-LampIt’s a general belief that the appearance of the home reflects our personalities. This is why there is a great connection between the way we put together and organize our home furniture and the way we spend our everyday lives. We exist in a rapid moving planet where we face a lot of challenges that we need to plan for.

We are concerned about what to do, eat, wear and create in our houses. But we hardly ever think or give a second thought to the truth that perhaps how we assemble or fix our house might have an effect on our moods, temper, creativeness, vigor and many more. It’s high time that we put more thought in to our home designs.

Interior design for the home is the best way to improve our homes look and make them elegance and smart. As a result, we need to focus on some elements that are very significant and important.

Interior design for the home elements

1. Harmony

Sense of synchronization should guide each room in the home. They should blend in with each other to feel in perfect harmony.

2. Focus Point

This is maybe our favorite art work or picture that draws our concentration to a central spot in the room. This is what we want to convey and this sets our mood.

3. Balance

This is the successful mixing up together of the furnishings, colors, and other things that we like. We should also take into consideration the proper distribution of furniture to have a room in the right balance.

4. Color

This must be a noticeable and clear one. Utilizing vibrant colors can change the vigor around, set the mood and create a big variation. A candle or small lampshade may be used to create an impressive highlight.

5. Proportion and Scale

Make use of furnishings like metal beds and discount bedroom sets that match the whole dimension of the room. Avoid overcrowding by placing too large or too much furniture.

6. Rhythm

Generate the fantasy of visual motivation through movement by organizing our room so that the owner’s eyes keep glancing from different points in the room. This must not be bewildering by having too much stuff in the room.

Interior design for the home and decoration is definitely a very sensitive topic as many people experience the contrary result of what they expect. Small things like candles or figurines may be simply reorganized and put on to corners or shelves to make considerable changes to the look of a room. Lighting also can enhance the illumination in darker areas of the room.

The popular styles for interior design for the home

If we would like to attempt using ideas in interior designing, try to consider the popular styles of the well-known and classic designs such as:






Mediterranean and especially the Modern

Unique-Floor-Lamp-in-living-room-interior-home-designBy looking and studying these Interior design for the home styles and designs, we will be able to find which design will definitely speak of our personality. This will help us to re-invent and make over our interior fashion. This will in return open many possibilities for our home to be a place of comfort and relaxation.

All design is of course a very personal thing, like art, and something that is liked by one person is not always liked by another. The best rule of thumb is to look at examples of design, take from those the things that you like, and make your own style and feel. This is the best part, the only judge that matters is you, so jump in and get designing.

The Basic Concept

142112-425x282-interior-design-samples-and-toolsI thought I should explain just a little about improving, renovating and applying interior design to a house. Its what makes a house a home. It’s all well and good fixing and restoring, stopping the roof leaking and draught proofing the windows, but in the end, when all the fixing is done, your need to turn the house into a home. That is where interior design comes into it’s own.

But just what is interior design? The New York School of Interior Design says
“Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. It’s a powerful, essential part of our daily lives and affects how we live, work, play, and even heal. Comfortable homes, functional workplaces, beautiful public spaces—that’s interior design at work.

The best interior designers make it look easy, crafting spaces that anticipate our needs and appeal to our emotions, but in reality a broad set of skills and technical knowledge is required.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. This video also puts it in a nutshell…

Todays interior designers are able to work alongside customers, architects, contractors and other business owners. They are able to take into account the space, style, architecture and safety of any living space, and work with many types of materials, such as fabrics, lighting, furniture and textiles.

That is why I hope that this blog will be enlightening to many people in many different ways, from the technical repair and renovate aspect of renovation, to the subtle and intangible design elements.

Happy reading!