The Best Recommended Fuel For Multi – Fuel Stoves

peat_briquette_419Do you have a multi-fuel stove? If your answer is yes, then you have two options of heating your home, you can either use coal or wood. Are you asking yourself which is the best option?

Well, you are probably wondering which fuel will work effectively. The truth of the matter is you can’t use both wood and coal together or they will spoil the stove lining.

If you really want quality warmth in your home, then you need to always use the best fuel. There are varieties of fuels to choose from.

Take a look at some of the best smokeless fuels.

Smokeless fuels are environment-friendly in that they don’t pollute the environment. It is recommended that you use fuels that are smokeless to avoid health complications that are caused by smoke. Using fuels that don’t produce smoke will enable your stove to last longer. If you want to use coal, just use the one that is smokeless and it will definitely work effectively when heating your home.

Most local authorities these days insist on the use of smokeless fuels, which helps to reduce smog and harmful particles in the environment, as these are known to build up in the lungs and cause health problems.

The best smokeless fuel is premium stove fuel. It has a long burn time, it is very easy to use and has high heat. This type of fuel is packed in bags of both 50 and 20 kilograms. So you can buy any amount at your own convenience. Below are other types of smokeless fuel you can use in your home:

a) Peat Briquettes
This is another recommended fuel for your stove. It really burns efficiently to provide warmth for your home. Peat Briquettes are also a smokeless fuel and has been used for decades. They also have a long burning time, which gives your home heat for hours. This type of fuel is best for your stove. It burns efficiently, is a green option, and readily available.

b) Loose Briquettes
This is another type of smokeless fuel to use in your home. If you really want quality fuel, then this is also one of the best. Some of its features are that it is suitable for stoves, it is quick to light, it is very easy to use and it burns much hotter than wood, and with less mess to clean afterwards.peat-briquette-fire

c) Peat Nuggets
If you want an alternative to coal, then you can choose this smokeless fuel. It is well packed in bags of 40 or 50kilograms. It is also a smokeless fuel that is very easy to use and quick to light. You can use it in your home as it has consistent quality and produces the warm flame. It has an amazing feature whereby it burns hotter than firewood.

As mentioned earlier, smokeless fuels are the best and most recommended type of fuel. Now that you have the information at hand, you can choose the best fuel for your multi- fuel stove. It is very important to note that multi fuel stoves are designed to use coal.

Gone are the days where wood was used and, therefore, it is intelligent to smokeless coal. It is worth noting that the use of normal house coal for your stove can damage your stove very quickly. This is not recommended but the aforementioned smokeless fuel will greatly help you.

Never be tempted to use a fuel that is not recommended by your manufacturer. As you can see there are several options, so you are not just limited to one fuel type, but if you try using a non recommended fuel then you could be looking at an expensive repair going forward. Just a word to the wise.

If you are unsure as to what fuel your multi fuel burner is able to use, a call to your local HETAS installer will get you all the information you need. Our house already had a multi-fuel system in place when we moved in. Not knowing the type of fuel we were able to use, I called our local multi-fuel installer and he inspected our system and gave us all the information we needed to get up and running the same day.

If you have a multi fuel stove, and have an tips on operation or whole house heating for example, please contact us and let us know. And just to give you that warm feeling inside, check out the video below of a nice fire burning peat logs.